Welcome to Pink-Spider.net, a personal collective.

In the past, I’ve used Pink-Spider.net as a blog, but over the years I stopped updating about my personal life, finding it too tiresome or just too personal. Wanting a fresh start, I decided to create a new blog called Adrienne in Japan which I can use to talk about my adventures abroad.

Also part of the Pink-Spider network are Jackson the Hamster.com, a site dedicated to my adorable pet, and Not Just Words, a new site for English language learners and lovers that I’m slowly working on building that is still quite heavily under construction.

Although I’ve taken a step back from the visual music scene, mostly due to loss of interest, I still maintain a managerial role at Shattered-Tranquility.net, an English news site for Japanese visual bands.

I plan to slowly add a bit more content here on Pink-Spider.net as well, so check back to see what you find!